Car Rental Cloud for YOUR Business Growth

Caryaati empowers your Business and provide Smart Rent a car solution to grow to the point where you it can bring about enormous revenue and profit.

Every car rental business should have an efficient IT infrastructure to manage the daily procedures. Our systems can handle everything from paperless office and asset management to billing and CRM. So basically, it manages all Car rental business operation

Our vehicle rental ERP system will help you company track and manage it’s car rentals. You’ll be able to track car rentals through GPS and will be able to setup an efficient and effective business model.

Become an Affiliate

After you have explored our website and deeply analyzed all aspects you must have an incl garnter ination towards upgrading your business. This can be done by simple and easy two steps.

Firstly you you’re required to fill the form. Basic information is required like company name, email address etc and Secondly, submit the form.

Soon you will be contacted by one of our representative. You can ask for any extra information you need to feel fully satisfied of your decision.

Once you become our affiliate for our Car rental business solution, you’ll get the benefit of our partner and will be updated about new upgrades that we will keep adding to our ERP to make it much better. We help your business to meet the competition today with smart cities.

You will be contacted and kept in touch kept in touch throughout the process and even afterwards Our friend are 24/7 customer support is with utmost friendly environment and helpful nature get the best out of our services.

Best fleet management

If your company owns a fleet of vehicles, then it’s very important that you have an online fleet management system installed. This is the only way you will be able to coordinate with your drivers effectively.

Make sure you receive an online fleet management system from us so you can keep tabs on your vehicles. We have prepared a Best rent a car software to help you maintain your fleet.

The importance of such software is immense, because it allows you to monitor your fleet in real time; alert you about issues in your fleet; and much more. The best thing about such software is that it allows you to manage your fleet, keep a track on the fuel and analyze your performance.